TÜV NORD ISO 9001 Certificate


Over 60 years of experience Independent Polcargo Experts

Export Auditorship and goods control

Polcargo Gliwice offers its services upon the expert auditorship and supervisory market ever since 1949. Throughout the period of more than 60 years of our activity we have co-operated with more than 20 000 companies as well as organisations operating within 29 countries based in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas. Access to the high quality of specialists ensures the possibility for the offering of the broad spectrum of services which allows to meet the expectations of the most demanding Clients from various industries.
Industry sectors Some of things and issue we control and verify
Foods and agriculture Southern fruit, forest fruit, blueberries, spices, vegetable, meat, fish, grains as well as cereal, fodder, vegetable fats and oils, sugar, diary products
Fuel and power supply Coal, coke, natural oil, liquid fuels, oil derivative products, bio-fuels, renewable energy sources
Chemical Fertilisers, solid and liquid chemicals, resources as well as organic and non-organic chemistry products
Steel industry Iron ore, pellets and concentrates, ore, final steel forging and alloy products, radio-active materials, metallurgic products, zinc concentrates
Machine Machinery, electronic and computer equipment, household appliance, tools
Real estate property and construction land allotment, construction object, industrial object, monument and structure real estate price quotation
Automotive Parts and appliances for the automotive industry
Wood and paper Paper, palettes, wood, natural resources
Transport and logistics Various goods
Ceramic Glass, ceramics, fire resistant materials
Textiles and leather Leather, leather products, fabrics

Scope of activity

Supervision over the manufacturing process
The control of quantity, mass and weight
Quality control
Sampling and sample analysis
Laboratory analyses
Supervision over reloading and warehousing processes
Preparation of packages for the execution of the process of forwarding as well as control and verification of the status of packaging
Control and verification of the means of transport
Technical expertises of the available means of transport
Good’s transport safety (including dangerous products and substances in accordance to ADR)
Warehouse stock-taking
Qualification of goods in accordance with the customs tariff
Control, supervision in accordance to the requirements of various standards (i.e. ISO, GOST, DIN, BS, EN)
Price quotation and technical assessment of objects, machinery and devices
The determination of the reason of the occurrence of damages
Quotation of losses and the liquidation of damages
Damaged property management
Examination of the parameters of the work environment

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