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Over 60 years of experience Independent Polcargo Experts

Supervision of the loss adjustment process

Complex loss adjustment

In this service, we look after the interests of our clients, who have found themselves in a crisis situation, namely a loss event.

In the event of a loss, we support our clients with interdisciplinary expert knowledge and experience gained in the course of the adjustment of over 10 k losses, in which, as independent experts, we have fulfilled tasks of an insurance law and technical nature. In Poland, we are the only holders of a TUV Nord Quality Certificate which is a guarantee of top quality of our expert and loss adjustment services, including both repetitive and innovative services.

By reducing the workload of our clients to the absolute minimum and saving them money, we help our Clients quickly resume business, while protecting the businesses affected by the loss against a loss of market position (including implementing measures re. maintaining financial stability, fulfilling orders / contracts on time, maintaining continuity of materials management and production operations, as well as maintaining the quality of production and services).

We represent Clients before courts, banks and any other institutions and subordinate entities, supervising and assuring our Clients of efficient fulfilment of the loss adjustment process from the moment the event arises, through the coordination of activities minimizing the extent of the damage and the process of its elimination to the preparation of the final report with a summary of activities conducted and a an analysis of the costs of restoring the property to the condition from before the damage.

Our activities encompass the following areas:

Task damage – burst water and sewage pipelines causing flooding of 5 floors of an office building.  Total value of the damage to the building and the fittings – PLN 1,320,000.00. Fire damage in a production hall with fittings – the damage encompassed the building, the production line, specialist fittings and current assets in production – total value of the damage – PLN 12,000,000.00. Damage to current assets – damaged paprika inventories as a result of a failure in the air conditioning equipment – value of the damage – PLN 4,500.00. Damage to machinery – damage to a motor – total value of the damage – PLN 95,000.00. Machine damage – specialist equipment – an armoured personnel carrier – total value of the damage – PLN 1,400,000.00. Damage from an airport operator’s third party liability insurance – damage to the shell plating of a Boeing 737 hull – value of the damage PLN 403,200.00. Flood damage – flooding of 4 groundwater pumping stations on land affected by mining works - damage to property – total value of the damage – PLN 1,560,000.00. Fire damage in a warehouse hall with fittings and chemical agents – damage to materials and the environment, recovery of the remnants, neutralization and reduction of losses in the natural environment – total value of the damage – PLN 6,000,000.00. Damage to crops – rape crop fields damaged by hail, plants washed away as a result of rain and incorrectly performed drainage work - the value of the damage was – PLN 130,000.00. Damage to machines – fire of the filters of an industrial cleaner, shot blasting machine damaged by foreign matter - the value of the damage to the property was PLN 300,000.00. Damage to rolling stock – damaged locomotive as a result of a collision with a vehicle – total value of the damages to both vehicles PLN 220,000.00. Damage caused by design errors – stoppage of construction works as a result of a landslide of an escarpment being reinforced – value of the damage PLN 195,000.00. Transport damage – damaged load caused by incorrectly securing the load for transportation – value of the damage PLN 22,000.00. Construction disaster – destruction of one of the walls of a company wastewater treatment plant – comprehensive loss adjustment with the preparation of samples of concrete cut out and subjected to laboratory analysis - the total value of the damage to the property was – PLN 470,000.00. Fire damage to a municipal building – value of the damage – PLN 450,000.00. Transport damage – damaged load of citrus fruits caused by incorrectly setting the cooling unit in the refrigerated vehicle – value of the damage – PLN 18,500.00. Damage to a device – a damaged radiological detector mechanism – value of the damage – PLN 33,000.00. Damage to machines – damaged central pivot mechanism – total value of the damage – PLN 167,000.00. Construction damage – sheered balcony on a newly constructed building – value of the damage – PLN 40,000.00. Transport damage – incorrect loading and securing of goods – damaged piston in the ship’s engine – value of the damage – PLN 14,500.00. Damage to destroyed, damaged and flooded foundations of large buildings, damaged and collapsing floors.  Total value of the damage in the flooded municipality’s buildings – PLN 3,800,000.00. Damage to crops – damage to tobacco crops as a result of hail – value of the damage – PLN 115,000.00. Damage to a device – damaged optical system of a dental laser – value of the damage – PLN 104,000.00. Damage to machines - flooded construction machinery while dredging a riverbed – the total value of the damage was PLN 450,000.00. Damage to telecommunications infrastructure – damage caused by renovation work on a pipeline – the total value of the damage was PLN 82,000.00 to property and PLN 112,000.00 as costs of downtime in company activities. Transport damage – damaged load of paper in bales due to driver error – motor accident – the value of the damage was PLN 270 k.  The activities of the valuers from Polcargo Gliwice enabled the extent of damage to be reduced by 73% and therefore, the amount of damage was PLN 79,000.00. In addition to the above activities, the service includes:

• conducting inspections of the subject matter of the damage (stock-take of losses),
• establishment of the causes and circumstances of the loss events arising,
• gathering the necessary damage documentation,
• analysis of the provisions of insurance contracts and GTC – determination of the obligations of the parties in the context of policy liability,
• recommendation and coordination of activities related to minimizing the effects of the damage,
• coordination of activities related to the sale of the property after the damage,
• post-repair audits – checking the threat of secondary damage. Analysis of the processes and action plan to minimize the risk of the damage repeating.

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