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About us

As the shareholder of the Polcargo Group the company of Polcargo Gliwice continues the tradition of expert assessors and auditors which dates back to 1949. Moreover as the member of Polcargo Group we meet the requirements of various international based organisations, such as for instance: FOSFA, GAFTA, ISO, UNIDO, ASTM. Our certificates are honoured by various government based institutions, banks, courts, joint stock companies, companies noted upon stock exchange as well as by various trade groups. We execute our own examination and research, as well as co-operate with accredited laboratories as well as research plants home and abroad. Thanks to the well developed network of our carefully chosen experts, controllers, auditors, located upon the territory of the whole Poland, we are constantly close to the topics of our interest. We also co-operate with education institutions at college and university level, both in Poland and in Europe within the scope of the exchange of specialist knowledge, within the scope of new technologies as well as the obtainment of new talents. Our teams are managed by a highly qualified personnel recruited from automotive industry sectors, possessing adequate experience in co-operation with such demanding clients as Volkswagen, Fiat, General Motors, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Jaguar or Ford.

We possess our own Workshop and Schooling Centre which is conveyed by certified coaches who support the development of our employees by increasing their competences, creating paths of personal development which are compliant with the predispositions and market demand. Our coaches are practitioners often possessing international authorship experience, creators and founders of various workshop and diagnostic programmes for various companies and organisations. We base our activity upon the Total Quality Management (TQM) principle, as well as Toyota Production System (TPS), the Japanese method of management, implemented from the automotive industry, which constitute the foundation of quality as well as the effectiveness of the offered services. We possess the verified team of Project Leaders who is prepared for the execution of special tasks the fact that makes us ready for the execution of outsourcing of various tasks as well as services of our clients, as well as guarantees the implementation of new projects at the highest possible level. We are able to adjust to various employment and operation systems obligatory and implemented in our Clients’ organisations. Significant interdisciplinarity, passion paralleled by transparent principles of co-operation, constitute the particulars of Polcargo Gliwice!
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